Large Claims Litigation Attorney Oshkosh WI

Large claims are by nature more complex than small claims. They often involve more detailed elements and ultimately have larger financial considerations. In general, large claims involve civil cases where damages claimed are greater than $10,000 or a tort claim over $5,000. While you may represent yourself, it is a good idea to have a professional attorney represent you in large claims court.

large claims litigation

With a large claim, there are no standard forms to fill out. The person filing the claim needs to draft their own documents or have an attorney draft them for them. Once this is complete, the defendant in the case will then be served the paperwork. At this point, the case can go to court. 

Olson Legal Group can help with paperwork and litigation in court for large claims.

In large claims court, there will be time dedicated for arguments from both sides. This is where having an attorney is particularly beneficial. An attorney can lay out the claim to the judge or jury so they can understand it and in a way that is beneficial for the person they are representing. If you represent yourself, you will be expected to know and follow the rules of the proceedings. 

If you are looking to file a large claim, or have been served with paperwork, Olson Legal Group can help you with your case. Call us today for a free consultation. 

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